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Advent calendar 2014 – the 19th door

Hello All,

Only a couple more sleeps and the Christ Child will be at the door.

Like in so many previous years, I left myself quite a bit of time to find Christmas presents. The presents are now ready, and only the Christmas cards still need to be done – but they need to be posted very soon! What shall I do? I’ve been to all the shops but couldn’t find the right cards. Then I had an idea! I have the BERNINA Deck The Halls DesignWorks Collection with its lovely Christmas motifs. I should definitely be able to whip something up with those. I quickly bought some plain folded cards in size DIN A6 and went to my computer.

I knew I would find what I wanted. For my card project I used the 21018-07_PW motif, a PaintWork Christmas tree, and 21018-6_CR, a CrystalWork Christmas tree.

I had to make the Christmas tree a little bit smaller using the software so that it would fit onto the cards. I highlighted the entire tree, ticked the ‘Proportional’ box and entered 80% for the scale.


For the CrystalWork 21018-6_CR motif, I removed all of the little crystals except the star.


And finally I put little crystals of equal size around the star. I used size SS10. There is a large selection of sizes..


Then I also created a placement line. Just use the ‘Create Shape’ tool to make a rectangle. Adjust the size afterwards. Enter a value of 108 mm for the width and 148 mm for the height. First, untick the ‘Proportional’ box. I deleted the filled surface and then had a placement line for my cards. I exported all the files to my USB stick.


Then I looked for any pens that would write in green and for rhinestones in a variety of colours and went to my machine.


First I loaded the placement line, stretched backing fleece across my frame for cutting off and embroidered the line. Please do not use self-adhesive fleece for painting paper. It sticks too strongly and the paper tears when the backing fleece is pulled off.


Then I added a touch of adhesive spray to the backing fleece and let it dry a little. I placed the cards in the frame and attached the PaintWork tool to the machine.


Then one by one I let the machine paint on the cards with the different pens.




I let the cards dry well and worked on my template with the CrystalWork tool.


I put different-coloured little crystals in the template and created 11 iron-on motifs, which is exactly the number of cards that I had painted.


Now place the iron-on motif on the painted star and iron it down.


Finally, iron the folded cards flat again.


That’s it – finished!

I have never had such unique Christmas cards. Now just write a quick greeting on the inside, place into an addressed envelope and put them in the post.


Wishing you a peaceful Christmas with your loved ones and best wishes for the New Year.

Warm regards,


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Comments of this post

  • Very nice Birgit. Is the “fleece” you are using what we would call “stabiliser”? It looks too thin for wadding that we put inside quilts.

  • Hello Jan,
    happy new year!
    Sorry for my late answer. I was on Chrismas Holiday.
    Yes, the “fleece” is a cutaway stabiliser.
    Best wishes,

  • Thanks Birgit, Happy New Year to you too.