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First Impressions

Hi, Sharon here from Lilabelle Lane Creations.

I am so excited to be posting here for the first time.

I have had my new machine, the B570 Quilters Edition for almost three weeks now and I am in love.

I am enjoying so many of the features of this machine already.

Oh my,  the needle up and down from the presser foot and the knee lift. How have I survived without these?  Three weeks in and I am hooked on these features.  I shall never live without them again. The ‘hands free’ sewing that they allow and the time that they save is amazing.  I have to admit thought that it has taken me a little while to get used to the knee lift but now it is second nature and I feel that I would be lost without it.

I have had a chance to have a little play and do some Free Motion Quilting and I have to say that the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) is a game changer.  It allows for FMQ to be so enjoyable. I never thought that I would be one to say that but it just goes to show that with the right tools in your hands things that used to frustrate you no longer do.

I love how this machine feels when sewing. It feels strong and sturdy. I just know that we are going to get along and spend many hours sewing my creations 🙂

I am in the middle of some ‘secret sewing’ for Quilt Market in May at Salt Lake City so I can’t share any sewing just yet but hopefully soon I will be back to share more.  I also have a couple of patterns in the works for release over the next few months so I am looking forward to sharing them with you too.

If you would like to see some of my day to day sewing activities I can be found over on Instagram.

Just search for @lilabellelane

Until next time,

“Create what you love”

Sharon x

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