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Decorating with the aid of software and sewing machine

Yes, you read that correctly – you don’t have to do any craftwork if you want to decorate. You can just as easily digitise it and stitch it.
Everything you can see made from fabric in this photo was decorated in V6 and stitched entirely with my B 780 .

Shall I show you how easy the bird house is, for example? It takes less than 5 minutes, honest.
First, just insert the fabric and stitch the outline for the house.

You’ll also need to stitch a small start line for the trimming, top and so forth.
Place the trimming on it…

…and stitch it securely.

Place the fabric for the roof along the same line, right sides together.

Stitched securely…

…and opened out. Carefully iron this, ideally with a mini iron.

Now stitch the “peep hole” for the bird.

Place the fabric for the reverse side on it and stitch securely.

Since the little house is glued on, I just cut a small hole in the reverse side using scissors and turn it through this.
The whole thing is then glued using hot glue, so the hole disappears all by itself.
That really doesn’t take long and it’s a lot of fun!

Over the last week, I’ve made 5 door wreaths like this, so now I always have a present handy whenever my helpful neighbour takes care of my two cats or if I’m visiting my parents and want to bring something nice with me – or if I just want to make someone (or me!) happy.

All the best,

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