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Felt meets design (2)

After I’d put the first cushion with the neutral mix woollen fabric from Kvadrat® to good use in the living room, my daughter asked me to sew two cushions for her student digs as well – but this time bright and cheery, please!
So I got in touch with Kvadrat® again and ordered the same quality woollen fabric in single colours via the Danish company’s main website . This variety is available in 56 colours and I was looking for five loud fabrics for the cushions and two contrasting ones for a winter bag for myself. The fabric was delivered two days later by UPS. What great service!

I had something different to the circles I’d already sewn in mind for this cushion version. So I cut out lots of squares measuring 7 cm x 7 cm in all the colours and the front side, as well as the sections for the reverse side envelope closure according to the dimensions of the inlet.
First I worked the 50 cm x 50 cm large cushion. To do this, I sewed on square after square, turning the pieces slightly and the more I sewed on, the denser the structure became and the squares stood out all the more as a result. Oh yes, and a tiny green square found its way in, too – that had to be done!

The second cushion was to be a complete contrast to the first one. First I chose different dimensions; the inlet was 40 cm x 60 cm. But I did stick with the pre-cut squares. The woollen fabric is wonderfully sturdy, but pleasantly thin, doesn’t bobble and you can do some really crazy stuff with it. So I started by arranging and sewing the squares in very different ways.

To make sure I would be able to sew very precisely along the line in this very geometric shape, I first applied a grid in 5 mm saddle stitch on the background fabric. Then I added shape on shape. It was a bit like sewing origami. And the BERNINA 580 purred with satisfaction all the while.

I’ve just had an idea – this could be a great group event for the blog. I’ll work it all out and then invite you all.

So, finally, I created a cushion with a very interesting and unusual surface. I don’t know whether or how my daughter will use it, but I think it matched her taste.
You can see that the structure of the cushions keeps its shape by these two I sewed earlier and which are already in daily use by both humans and a cat – the circles aren’t flattened, misshapen or crushed. It is important to vacuum clean them regularly and shake them out.

Now two more woollen fabrics from Kvadrat® in green and petrol are waiting to be worked into a bag. That’s what I’ll be doing this coming week.
After creating the first cushion I showed here, Kvadrat® offered me the role of specialist supplier for end users. And I was pleased to accept their offer. So now you can purchase these high quality fabrics through me. Ordering is simple – go to the Kvadrat® website , where all the fabric colours can be viewed and are available to purchase from lengths of 25 cm. These woollen fabrics are called “Divina3” and “Divina Melange2”. They are made with 100% New Zealand wool in Scotland. You’ll find them listed under “Collection”.

If you are interested, you can also get in touch with me at [email protected] and find out about prices.

Have a lovely day!


P.S. I’ve got more top secret cushion projects on the go – more on that soon.
Photos: F. Hellbach

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    I am new to this blog, and am so impressed by the skill and imagination of those who post on it.
    I LOVE these cushions, and the contrasting effects by just using colour are incredible. I hope your daughter appreciated them.

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