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It’s a holiday in Southern Germany today, so I’m taking advantage of it to finally get creative again and sew something. I wanted to try out my idea for new cushion covers.
I cut loads of circles out of the lovely thin woollen fabric by the Danish company Kvadrat® using Accuquilt.

I needed three more pieces of woollen fabric for the front of the cushion and the underlay for the circle pieces, as well as two rectangles for the envelope closure on the reverse side of the cushion.

Then I started to sew each of the circles to the underlay, one by one. I sewed all the pieces on, each one slightly off-centre and twisted a little, using the Bernina 580 . And slowly the abstract flower pattern I had in my head began to emerge. Once again, I’m very grateful for the automatic thread cutter!

Finally, I placed the completed front side together with the ready-made envelope closure for the reverse side of the cushion. I sewed everything together, right side to right side, turned the cushion through the opening of the envelope closure, pushed the corners out and sewed the two side edges with a slight margin twice.

And the cushion is done! It won’t stay on its own, because I’m going to gather up all the cushion covers that I’ve collected and repeatedly replaced over the years and replace them with felt cushions like this one.

© jutta hellbach 2012

All the best,


And now, as promised, step-by-step photos for the second cushion surface – comprising two colours and more densely positioned circles:

Additional information on the fabric from Kvadrat®:

This isn’t a wool felt, but a woven woollen fabric that has been fulled in a complex way so that it has the appearance of felt.

Recommendations from Kvadrat® on cleaning and maintaining items made from furniture fabric:

To ensure dust and dirt do not damage the fabric, vacuum clean the material frequently (if necessary, at the minimum vacuum setting, ideally weekly. (Non-oily) stains can be carefully dabbed away with a clean, smooth cloth – use only clean, warm water. If necessary, apply soap suds to the stain. Then dab with clear water.

The manufacturer strongly recommends NOT washing the fabrics.

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