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My trusty friend for sewing leather

By now, I’ve managed to accumulate quite a lot of presser feet in my BERNINA presser foot cupboard (one of 3 in total), including 3 different Teflon presser feet.
I like to use these so that I can sew on leather. The other presser feet, whether they’re metal or plastic, have a hard time on leather, because they don’t “slide” over it easily and just get jammed.
But the Teflon foot just glides right over the top of it.

If I also add dual transport, like here with my BERNINA 780 and the presser foot # 56D, the result is wonderfully even stitches.

You’ve probably already guessed: I’ve made myself (another) bag.

I used the pattern for the  “Sophie” bag .

I digitised a stitch pattern for no. 30 cotton thread especially for the front section – using my Software V6, of course. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I’m very happy with the result. The motifs almost look hand-stitched. I used the no. 30 embroidery thread from Amann Group Mettler .

And then the # 54 Presser foot with non-stick sole for sewing in the zip.
I quilted my bag, which I made from black crash anorak fabric and red leather, using a triple straight stitch in cotton thread. I always have perfect seams, evenly spaced from the edge, when I use the # 10D edgestitch foot.

I like to make my own decorative tassels, but I didn’t design them myself – the idea came from Machwerk .
Just cut an even strip of leather. I cut the strip a bit diagonally on one edge.

Then apply a little glue (I use fabric glue) and, starting from the wide edge, roll it up.
Make sure you roll it around a piece of string, leather cord or something similar.

Finally, tie a piece of ribbon or cord around the upper section – done!

Later, I decided to cut the tassel evenly after all, so I should have cut the leather as a rectangle at the start. But if you like fringing, cut one edge diagonally.
Of course I’d like to show you the finished bag as well. I love sets of things, so I also made a matching purse – also in leather. And the decorative tassel also has a place here.

By the way, both items were made almost entirely from remnants. The leather came out of a pack of leather remnants that I found on the internet a long time ago.
The zip closure is from an ancient rucksack and I just cut out the little bits of leather and attached eyelets.

Next time I’ll digitise it all perfectly in Designworks and put the ornamental seams in. Then I’ll cut the clasp out using Cutwork. Unfortunately, I only thought of these possibilities after I had finished. Sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees! 😉

I’m really happy with my new winter bag set.
All the best,


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  • Heather Castillo

    What tension/presser foot pressure setting do you use when sewing with leather? I make bags-but am still mainly a beginner and teaching myself online the past year. I get birds nests and I think I have the settings wrong-

    • ramonawirth

      Dear Heather,
      Teaching yourself is no easy task, well done! Could you describe the problem a bit more? When/ Where do you get birdnests? At the beginning when you sew, or at certain places where f.e. there is additional thickness with sewing allowances? What needle and which machine are you using?

      Kind regards, Ramona

    • ramonawirth

      Dear Heather,
      Maybe it’s a combination of different things: The needle, the thread, how you start, the pressure, stitch lenght etc. A collegue just made me aware of a tutorial video which shows a lot of tips on how to sew leather. I am sure this will help:

      Kind regards, Ramona

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