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Loop scarves are more popular than ever before. You can make them out of all kinds of different fabrics. Jersey, cotton fabrics, fleece, baby cord – anything you like. They are very quick and easy to sew. And just like that, you’ve got a beautiful new accessory:

And this is how to do it:

Cut two different strips of any fabric of your choice. They should be between 25 cm and 35 cm wide, depending on how wide and voluminous your scarf is going to be. The thicker the fabric, the wider the strips should be, so that the scarf drapes nicely. If you are using thin or delicate fabric, like jersey, you can make it a few centimetres narrower. The fabric strips for my scarf are 28 cm wide, incl. the seam allowance.

Now I place the two sections together, right side to right side, and sew both long edges together with my overlocker.

Now I’ve got a loop tube:

Next I pull one end of the scarf, right side on right side, through the scarf to the other end. You must make sure that the scarf doesn’t twist. It should lie as a flat tube.

Then I put the ends together, right side to right side.

Sew this opening together. Leave a small opening so that you can turn the fabric. An opening of approx. 5 cm is enough for jersey, but for less flexible fabric you should leave approx. 10 cm.

Turn the scarf and close the opening. It is up to you whether you do that by hand or with the edgestitch foot #10. I’m going to sew this by hand this time.

And the scarf is finished! So pretty, so simple, so quick! I love my new starry loop!

Have fun sewing your own!

All the best,

Claudia Geiser

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