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Oddments and accessory cases

When you go to a class it is handy to have all your bits and pieces in one place. Whether they are feet or accessories, they are less likely to get mixed up with someone else’s,   or left behind, if they are kept together until needed. These little cases can be made to any size for pencils, brushes or even make-up as they have concealed seams inside and out so no seams to catch your bits on. If you are new to the overlocker, they make a perfect project to get used to adjusting the tensions and cutting width.


This is easy to sew on the overlocker (including the zip) but of course can also be done on your sewing machine.


¼ metre of fabric A

¼ metre of fabric B

¼ metre of thin washable wadding or fleece

1 x 14” nylon zip (nylon coils not metal or plastic teeth)


1. Cut fabric A into 4 pieces 25 cms x 10 cms (10” x 4”). Do the same with fabric B and the wadding.

2. With the right sides out, sandwich a piece of wadding between two strips of colour A.

3. Using a four thread overlock, sew down one long side trimming the edges slightly.

4. Lay out a strip of colour B with the right side up. Place the open edges of the sandwiched pieceon top, another strip of colour B, right side down, then a strip of wadding on top.

Laying out the strips

5. Sew down all six layers, open out and press. The seam should be completely enclosed on both sides.

6. Repeat twice more with colour A then colour B so all four panels are joined.


7. Lay a zip face down on top of one of the short edges so it hangs over by about 5 cms. at each end. The tape should be facing the outside of the sandwich.

8. Sew the fabric sandwich and the zip tape together. Fold case and repeat at the other end.

9. Open the zip to near the centre and fold the case so the zip is about 5 cms. from the top.

10. Sew down each side going slowly over the zip (surplus nylon coils of the zip will be cut away).

11. Turn to the right side through the open zip.

12.Having made one, try making another  with narrow strips, using odd scraps or embroider one strip to show the contents or your name – the possibilities are endless.



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    What a brilliant idea Dawn! I shall have to try making one now!

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