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Honesty Clutch Bag

Honesty clutch bag


Materials needed.

Main fabric in silk, satin, brocade or dupion 30 cms x 40 cms

Lining fabric 30 cms x 40 cms cotton or any suitable fabric

11 cms x 12 cms for inside pocket in lining fabric

Iron-on interfacing as necessary

Organza for honesty decorations about 1 metre



Cut bag pieces to size and cut interfacing 2 centimetres smaller all round than main pieces, including a piece for the pocket.

Iron interfacing centrally to wrong side of the pocket and fold and press the edges to the inside. Sew across the top edge of the pocket only to secure.

Divide the lining into three using pins; 15 cms, 15 cms and 10 cms for the flap.

Pin the pocket into place on the right side of the lining about 1 centimetre down from the fold of the flap and sew into place round the remaining three sides. Fold the bottom 15 cms. upto the second 15 cms. mark, so the right sides are together and sew down each side. 

honestydrawn  honestyonscreen

Using software, either Bernina Designer or Bernina Cutwork, draw an Honesty seed pod about 3-4cms in diameter (start with a circle then use the reshape tool to add extra nodes and change the shape a little). Duplicate a few of these then alter the size/shape a little and duplicate more. The outline should be a narrow satin stitch about 1.75 – 2 mm. wide and 2-3 “seeds” can be added to some. Depending on hoop size, you will probably need to sew quite a few but arrange some completed ones to work this out. As an example, I sewed enough to fill a jumbo hoop twice and then needed to fill a standard hoop to complete the bag.

Iron on the interfacing to the main fabric and again mark the three parts the same as the lining.


The whole of the main fabric can be covered or, possibly, the back can be embroidered with flowers and just the flap and front decorated with the “seed pods”. These should be added before the bag and lining are assembled and the pieces can be sewn on by hand or, Ifound the small bartack stitch (no. 25 on the 830) very good, as this automatically ties the threads at the beginning and end. I did reduce the width though as my organza was quite fine. Leave a few to be sewn on at theedges by hand once the bag is complete, otherwise they tend to catch in the seams. Remember to leave a space for a buttonhole or stud

Fold the main fabric right sides together in the same way as the lining and sew down each side.

Press the seams open then turn the main fabric bag inside out. Press the lining bag but do not turn. Place the liner with the bag opening uppermost then place the main bag on top, again with the opening uppermost, i.e. they are both facing the same way, one on top of the other.

Sew round the three sides of the flap then cut diagonally across the corners to remove excess fabric and turn the flap inside out. The liner will now drop into the bag. Press the open edges to the wrong sides and sew along the edge; foot 10 and a left needle position is useful for this.

Add a button and buttonhole or stud and a few more “seed pods” to cover the side seams.

Created by Dawn Cowling


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