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Quilting on Mixed Media


Quilting on Mixed Media

 “Lost” is a quilted artist’s book (3 layers) uses mixed media rather than fabric.

It is postcard sized and made for a “Half Way Between” challenge for Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles.  A Dante quote was my inspiration.

Here’s how I constructed it:

A soldering iron was used to cut out and in to the Pelmet Vilene pages with a leaf/tree inspired design.

The window sections were painted on both sides.

Scrunched, painted Abaca Tissue was bonded around the windows then coated with Acrylic Wax to seal.

Pages were free motion stitched using viscose embroidery thread to extend each window design idea into the page.

Text was added with gold pen.

Pages were joined by hand faggoting with added beads.


Ros6 Ros3

I like the way the book can be arranged in various formations and the way light comes through the windows creating shadows. The windows allow glimpses of further pages and add to the idea of entanglement and being lost that I was trying to suggest.

Stitching into paper is straightforward as long as the paper is strengthened and supported. Bonding to Pelmet Vilene provided this and the added stiffness I needed but wadding, felt or similar bases could be used. This way machine stitching will not tear the paper. I used Abaca Tissue (Tissuetex) because it is stronger than ordinary tissue. Matt (or other) Medium could be used instead of acrylic wax to seal and strengthen depending on the finish you want. Choose a machine needle to suit the thread and material, but it is likely to blunt more quickly stitching mixed media


Ros5                                                      Ros4




Created by Ros Crouch

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  • margaret

    Terrific book, Ros. I especially like the last photo, with the book closed – it hints of a dark and thorny forest, like the one that grew up around the Sleeping Beauty’s castle…

  • Jutta Hellbach

    This is so beautiful! I love to work with all these materials too. Thank you for this nice idea. Luckily there will be another christmas next year 😉
    Nice greetings,

    • roscro

      Thank you Hilary and Jutta for your kind comments about my book. I enjoyed making it once I’d worked out how to approach the idea. It’s so easy to stitch on these surfaces if they are stabilised well. I like the way stitch integrates designs and adds textural interest.


  • Hilary Gooding

    Ros, this is brilliant. I love the sense of mystery in the forest and how the windows overlap and create depth. I could get lost in there.

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