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Advent calendar 2014 – the 16th door

Merry Christmas Tree Labels –  for your Bernina embroidery machine!

lasbel pic


To make 6 labels using the Jumbo hoop for the Bernina 830 you will need:-

Calico or plain fabric 20” x 14” (to fit in the jumbo hoop)

Calico or plain fabric for backing as above.

Or  fabric sizes to fit in the hoop of your choice (Medium or Oval)

Tearaway stabiliser 20” x 14” (to fit in the jumbo hoop)

Or  tearaway stabiliser to fit in the hoop of your choice (Medium or Oval)

Green Isacord 40 Polyester embroidery thread – top and bobbin

Red Isacord 40 Polyester embroidery thread – top and bobbin

Or threads of your choice.

Temporary spray adhesive – like 505.

Ribbon or cord for label ties.

Xmas Tree Labels files downloaded from here.



Download the XmasTreeLabels.EXP file in the language of your choice.  Here you will find the christmas tree label files.


Load on to your machine using a USB stick or load on to the PC using the free ArtLink software or your Bernina Designer or Editor Software.  Then write to Card/Machine to convert the design to a format your sewing machine will read and send to the machine via the USB cable or the Bernina Memory stick.

Hoop the stabiliser and the top fabric and attach the hoop to the machine.  Stitch out the label/s in the hoop.   The first colour is the placement line.


The second is the tree outline.


The third is the red for the lettering.


The Christmas Spider is next in black, but you could use silver to represent the tinsel he spins.

Spray the back of the stabiliser and stick the backing fabric to it right side out,  without removing the top and stabiliser from the hoop.

Stitch out the red eyelets and satin outlines of the labels.  Remove the fabric and stabiliser from the hoop.  This is what it will look like on the back.


Carefully clip away excess fabrics and stabiliser.


Punch out the holes in the centres of the eyelets.  Thread the ribbon or cord through the hole in the eyelets.   Use a Pigma Pen or permanent marker to write the name of the recipient in the space provided beside the word “to” (or embroider the name yourself) and attach to the lucky person’s present.

Jan Allston ©                                    September 2014

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  • Hilary Gooding

    Lovely idea to personalize the labels. And the choice of background fabric and thread colours is unlimited. Hilary

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