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Advent calendar 2014 – the 20th door

Are you still looking for a last minute present for Granddad and Grandma to hang in the Christmas tree? Maybe this is a nice idea. It is not so difficult to make, but it is perhaps a nice idea just 5 days before Christmas.

kerst 4

You have a piece of red fabric, a scrap of white fur or another preferably woolly material and a photo of your child (or yourself?).
I have drawn a pattern of a beard and hat.

Firstly cut out the pattern section of the hat twice from the red fabric. Cut the beard from the fur and cut a strip of fur out for the edge of the hat.
Place the sections of the hat with the good sides on each other and stitch these together. Turn the hat (remember the grooves in the curves).
Cut out the photo into a round shape.

kerst 1

Stick the beard with textile glue on the round photo.

kerst 2

Glue a little textile glue on the top of the photo and latch your Christmas hat on top.

kerst 3

Stick the (fur) edge along the hat (allow it to run round to allow the eyes to be more visible). Make a pumpkin from the rest of the fur and attach this to the tip of the hat. Fold the hat slightly so it falls forward a bit.

To finish, attach a loop to the hat and your Christmas ornament is ready to go in the tree.

Happy Christmas!

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    Lovely idea – we could have elves and reindeer as well – the possibilities are endless!

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