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Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas gift bags
These are quick and easy to make, especially with a roller cutter and oddments of fabric. They can be made with felt but look better with a lining sewn in; which means all seams are hidden and the inside looks neat.
I have made one with 2.5” sides (not allowing for seams) but you can size these up or down to suit the present. Think of a square, add three squares on top of this then a further square centred on top but extended to make a flap giving an elongated cross shape. A diagram makes this much easier to explain.
Cut one piece in the main fabric and one piece for the lining, allowing extra for seams. With right sides together, start sewing at the point shown, pivot at each corner and sew all the way round to the end point as shown. This leaves the flap end open so it can be turned through to the right side. Turn and press at this point.
I found the ¼” foot 37 was best as this enabled me to turn each corner at the correct place. I also snipped across each outside corner and clipped each inside one so the bulk was reduced and it all lay flat when pressed.
With right sides together (main fabric), join the sides marked A~A, B~B etc. then press the flap ends to the inside and sew down to close. It can be sewn by hand but I used foot 10 and moved the needle position slightly to the left so the stitching was almost invisible.
Measure the completed base inside and cover a square of thick card cut to that size with either the main or lining material. This can be sewn but I used fabric glue as I was making several and the base looked very neat when in place.
Finally, either make a buttonhole on the flap and sew a button to the front or add a Velcro dot or other fastener to close.





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