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How to make a Christmas ornament in 3D (with free pattern)

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find easy instructions on how to make a Christmas ornament in 3D (with free pattern) – perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!



It’s a ‘kaleidocycle’, I used this basic pattern for this (printed on A4):


I copied this line drawing on thick, lightly painted polyester film and attached layers of velvet, Angelina fibre and organza using vliesofix:




I then filled the shapes with a diamond shape spiral stitch and stitched the head (fold) lines with a stair step stitch.



I burned holes with the soldering iron. This technique is well described here. The holes of the sewing also perforate the edges therefore everything that is around the shape can now carefully be torn or cut away.


Using ’postage stamp’ edge with the ladders are now easy to fold.
I then sew the shape together manually and gave the model its shape.



Less simple then I thought when I first saw the 2D drawing (the material is tougher than paper), but it does give an exceptional 3D end result! A match is tied into the bottom of the ribbon, this is applied via a hole in the ornament and is secured when you pull it.





I wish everyone a wonderful December with many creative hours!

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    Thanks for the pattern Nienke – I shall have to try this one!

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