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How to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments with the PunchWork tool

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find easy instructions on how to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments with the PunchWork tool – the perfect decoration for Christmas!

How to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments with the PunchWork tool

Christmas is coming once again and I enjoy putting something in the Christmas tree that I made myself.
These will be Christmas ornaments where I use the Punch-tool LINK and the embroidery machine.

In one of my previous Blogs about PunchWork I explained how the Punch-Tool works.
Now I will Punch with felt, wool and glitter embroidery thread. After that I will use the embroidery machine.

I have opted for small Christmas ornaments in white with silver.

First I took a patch of white felt.
On this I have laid a layer of picked white wool and have Punched this until it is securely attached.


Punching is done at the front and back of the felt.
As I wanted a glitter thread for the effect I have used Madeira Metallic white thread Col. 300 and randomly placed this on the first punch layer.


I laid a layer of picked white wool across the metallic thread and I punched again until everything was secured.


I did the same at the back of the felt.

I embroidered after Punching. I chose a snowman.


I only embroider the outline so that what I have punched remains visible.
You can skip the steps which you don’t need during the embroidery stage.
You can see this on the screen when it displays ‘what’ will be embroidered.
I opted for silver metallic (lot. 825) embroidery thread. With metallic thread it is best to use the thread lubrication unit for metallic threads.


The thread lubrication unit improves the gliding properties of the silver metallic thread.
I have applied the felt in the embroidery hoop with 2 layers of Avalon.
Avalon ensures that the thread is not tangled in the felt and the needle does not get ‘stuck’ in my PunchWork.


You can also opt to apply a number of layers of Avalon in the embroidery hoop and then embroider.
You can remove the Avalon yourself, but when you hold it under the tap it will dissolve. If you dissolve it in water only the embroidery is left over (in this case).


I also like to have a few stars in the tree.
That’s why PunchWork is making a regular appearance in the tree.


With the stars I have only embroidered the yellow section and the outline.
I also did this with the silver metallic thread.

Kersthangers met avalon-borduur

I cut out the punch figures with applique scissors.


I chose these scissors because the slanted side ‘glides‘ over the embroidery which means you are less likely to accidentally cut the thread.


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