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How to make beautiful poinsetta stars and flowers

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in this blog post you can find easy instructions on how to make beautiful poinsetta stars and flowers – the perfect decoration for Christmas and other festive occasions!

How to make beautiful poinsetta stars and flowers

Today I would like to show you how beautiful flowers can be made using the lock machine.
We lock with a roll hem, and use the couching foot to lock.


You use this couching foot to lock thread together. We do not do this here but we lock in very thin iron wire.

This iron wire can be purchased from Xenos among other places, and the iron wire bobbin can be bought in hobby stores.



We are going to lock circles, and use 2 sizes for this, 1 of a dish, and the second a breakfast plate. We will make a Christmas star and a Christmas rose, for both flowers you will need a large and a small circle.

Pass the iron thread through the couching foot, and make a three-thread rolled hem. The tension of the lower looper goes to 7, stitch length 1 and the differential on N. The cutting width goes to 1. Do not forget to bring the rolled hem lever forward.


Let the iron wire loosely run along. When you are nearly at the end cut the begin thread of the iron thread short, so that it does not get under the knife.


Continue to lock, and lock a small piece over each other to finish the wire. Raise the foot up, your needles in the highest position, now you can pull the circle backwards. Cut the threads and the iron wire off.
In the same way also lock green circles for leaves, 2 circles for the Christmas star, and 1 for the rose.

Now we will fold the circles. We take the middle of the circles, making an 8, and we tie a string around this, now we take the curves of the 8 and also tie a string around these so that we have 4 parts.



For the Christmas star we place the circles on top of each other, upside down, and connect these with a few stitches. Now we can shape the flowers, and this is kept effectively in place thanks to the iron wire. For the heart of the flower you can take a few more pieces of iron wire, lace up a few beads and secure these as well.
We fold the petals in an 8 shape, and now we require 2 circles for the Christmas star. Also secure these with a few stitches. Shape everything.



Now the second flower, a rose.
I once again locked two circles, a large and a small one. After locking these I will place the circles on each other, the small one at the top, and then with the good sides on each other. The small circle therefore lies with the wrong side facing up, and they are connected to each other in the middle with a couple of stitches.

We fold the circles in the same way as described above, only the modelling at the end goes differently. We fold the parts around each other.




This is also how the other two parts proceed, and the 4 parts of the second circle go around this as well. When you have folded a part secure it with a few stitches if required.
Then the green circle can be locked and folded in an 8 shape, creating rose petals.



On the bottom of the flower I have put iron wire so that I can secure them in the Christmas tree.



In this way you can also make a bouquet very quickly, in any case I will make a few more, the result will follow.

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