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Making a Christmas chandelier (with free Cutwork pattern)

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find easy instructions for making a Christmas chandelier (with free Cutwork pattern) – perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!


Take an old lampshade, some tape, a few sheets of paper and a metallic pen and create a nice ornament with BERNINA’s Paintwork and Cutwork tools.



Dust off the lampshade. You can decorate the frame, but you can also leave it as it is. Here the bottom and top edges have been covered with a pom pom fringe. You can hang up the frame with a simple tape.




The Paintwork pattern and that of the Cutwork stars can be downloaded under patterns 9-12.

A5 white linen cardboard with pearlescent shine is used for the stars.

Decorate the cardboard with the Paintwork pattern. Load the pattern in the machine. Apply the tear away in the ring. Secure the cardboard in the middle of the ring with painter’s tape. Apply the Paintwork tools and a pen with a chosen colour and draw the pattern on the cardboard. You can do this on 2 sides.



Switch the Paintwork foot for the Cutwork knife and the correct foot and load the pattern of the stars. Cut the stars.


If enough stars have been cut, you can stitch the stars to each other with a backstitch. First stitch approximately 15 cm without anything being under the foot and then the stars. Allow some space between the stars. You can make the garland of stars as long as you wish. Finish with a backstitch.


Tie the garland to the frame of the lampshade and attach a nice bead, Christmas ball or bell to the bottom of each garland. A battery-powered tea light can fit this frame.

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Allow your imagination to run wild because this project has infinite variations.


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