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Robin’s Nest

The latest in my online group challenges: turquoise.  My first idea is taking a lot longer than I expected and isn’t working as well as I thought.  So, with a deadline looming large I resorted to my second idea.  North American robins lay beautiful turquoise coloured eggs which probably makes up for them not being as pretty as our English red breasted robins.


The tree is made up of a base fabric with pieces cut out of a second fabric and appliquéd in place.  The shadows are created by layering black net.  The nest is made up of paper waste which is used for packing – and my conscience is now clear: I knew it would come in use one day (like all of that other ‘junk’ I have saved )!  The eggs are cut from hand dyed fabric and have layers of felt behind to give them a rounded look.  It is free motion quilted using my #15 foot.  The edge is satin stitched with my #2 foot – my favourite way to finish these small A4 pieces.

If the other idea  works out I will share it with you.

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    It looks wonderful Hilary. The packaging for the nest was such a fantastic idea and works really well, as does the black net for the shading on the trees.

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