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Move in a circle with the BERNINA 880

When have I been to the Netherlands and have tested the BERNINA 880 incidentally? I suppose it’s been three weeks ago. Only one phonecall to my BERNINA dealer had to be done and I ordered this machine! And now she is standing on my working table and is working more or less continuously. Well, not on Christmas eve ;-).


As I have been working with the BERNINA 820 the last five years, the 880 was quite familiar to me and I was very curious about all the new features, this machine offers.

Nevertheless I was brave and worked for a couple of hours on a new artwork for my next exhibition. Once again I could reassure myself of the reliability and the power of the machine. The structures of the new artwork are some sort of crusty and hard, metal surfaces are glassy and difficult to quilt, but it was a pleasure to work with the 880. During these hours no thread broke, stitches went out perfect and the fullautomatic threading and cutting was brilliant – it just worked out – and this was really good fun!




Of course I was curious about the new Shape Designer. Definitely this is a dangerous playground for sewing junkies, like we all are.

And again it was the material cork, that I wanted to test.



Naturally again a nice Ipadcover to be done. It’s not that I would run out of ideas, but it’s such a small size subject, that can be finished within short time and can be given away as a nice present….


I think its fantastic that many embroidery functions are now directly integrated in the machine and that not every path has to be prepared at the computer with the BERNINA embroidery software. The operation of the Shapedesigner is easy and set up clear and simple in navigation.

Here are a few snapshots of the first Ipadcover made of cork:




Everthing went out well in the beginning, so I let a lot of new ideas germinate. One of them is a new bag, made of corkskin, issued in two colors, designed as a reversible bag. It is already finished in my head, although I give some first impressions. Oh, not to forget – the Jumbo Hoop is just great – in the truest sence :-).





And here are the beginnings of the black colored cork, that will take one side of the turnable bag:



As soon as the bag will be finished, I will present it here in the BERNINA Blog and if you like, I will write a tutorial for it. If there will be enough time, before me moving to another home in another town in Germay, I cannot say at the moment – but anyway, I will try my very best.

Please don’t mind my emotions about this new BERNINA 880 dream, well this happens to all of us, when we have bought ourselves a new BERNINA, no matter what model, they all are great!!

Lovely greetings,


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    • Jutta Hellbach

      Dear Pam,

      thanks for you interest in the corkfabric.
      I suppose you live in UK? If so, you can buy the fabric from my little shop via DaWanda.
      Here is a link to the shopadress:

      Please notice, that not all colours are available at this moment, because I am moving house and business next week monday and ordered new material, so that usual business will continue from 26 january.

      If you like, have a look in the status “sold products” to get an idea about all colours, that can be bought:

      I just sent some parcels with cork to the UK – delivery costs where about 8 Euro up to 4 pieces of fabric. Sent as maxi-letter. All arrived ;-).

      If you have any questions, just write an email, or a comment in the Bernina blog.

      Kindest regards,
      Jutta Hellbach

      • balmeet

        Hello! Very Impressive!!!!!! Can we try something like this in Mumbai next weak at Bernina Centre, with cork fabric.

  • Margie Barto Barry

    Great entry again, Jutta! Love reading these for inspiration!

  • Angie Lawrence

    Thank you Jutta for this! I have not yet experimented with shape designer but it looks SUCH fun! I would love it if you did a tutorial for the bag and perhaps also for the iPad cover – when you have time.

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