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Online Course – Feather Wreath, quilted and painted (3)

Dear readers

Welcome to the third part of our online course Feather Wreath, quilted and painted.

You’ll have finished the quilting by the end of this lesson and this is what your feather wreath will look like.

Don’t worry you’re able to do this.

Draw the lines you can see on the next photo on your paper sheet.

The video shows you the BERNINA 780 in action.

Take a 40wt rayon thread and an 80/12 needle for filling the feathers (the blue lines).

Machine settings

Next step

Try to draw the pink lines.

Please watch the video.

Your thread color choice will affect how brilliant your feather wreath will look. Metallic thread would be a good choice here.

Select a needle with a big eye.

Machine settings for metallic thread

The feathers are almost finished. You could stop here, if you like.

Only the echoes around the outer border line are missing.

Please watch the video.

If you would like to quilt bubbles too, first do some exercises on your paper sheet.

The video will show you how to quilt bubbles by machine.

Finished feather wreath

What is left? Correct. The background filling is missing.

Please watch the video.

The feather wreath is almost finished.

Thank you for joining the online course.

See you next week for the last lesson.

Best regards,


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