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Have you ever sat down and really broken down, how you spend your week. I mean like how many hours you spend at work, driving, sleeping, eating, day dreaming about being a dictator of your own country and so forth.

My big New Year’s resolution for 2015 was to get more out of every day. To stop the calendar flicking by without ever noticing the difference. But how does one achieve this? It’s not like I sit around all day playing Xbox and eating cheezels. I have a job. A job that can be pretty full on at times, which is why it’s extremely important to make the most of what precious “me” time I have.

So to work out where I was going wrong, I broke down how I spent my time over an average week. The revelation that I spend more time cleaning the bathroom than I do working on personal relationships was an interesting one (and probably goes a long way to explain my single status). But most disturbing to me was just how little time I get in my Artisan’s Utopia – My sewing room.

There is nothing better than spending a day creating a one of a kind ensemble or trinkets to make your home 15% more fabulous, and I just don’t get enough time to do it. So one big item on the 10 steps to get more out of everyday plan for 2015 was spend more time my sewing room. But that led me to another and more probing question:

What to do in said sewing room?

So after the extensive breakdown of how my days were spent, I then proceeded with an hourly breakdown of time spent in the sewing room (yes I love charts, what’s wrong with that!). And the biggest revelation that this exercise brought to life was yet again MY PRIORIETYS ARE OUT OF WHACK! I will spend days and days working on a dress for the races, that will be worn once, twice a year if its lucky, and only a few hours on a top that will probably be worn once a week for the better part of the year. How messed up is that!

Sad thing is, it’s a pattern that follows through my day to day life, more money gets spent on special occasion shoes than day to day favourites. I research recipes like crazy for one dinner party and spend no time planning my nightly meals etcetera, etcetera. But you know what, this year I am drawing a line in the sand, grapping the bull by the horns and slapping a glove in the face of this injustice.

It’s time to change and never change back.

So this year is all about making the everyday a special occasion, taking the time to make the simple as perfect as possible, and caring enough to go that extra mile. And this year I want you on this journey with me. I can’t promise it will be easy, I may just give up and revert to my old demon ways, but I can promise you this, I will be 100% honest with you. I will share all my shining successes and just how I achieved them, and my complete disasters (which I am hoping to limit) and how you can avoid the same tragedies. As there is no such thing as too much sewing knowledge, I want to hear from you as well. If you have any tips or tricks or just want to share your triumphs and defeats please upload away.

I am really not sure where this new mandate will take me, but one things for sure, it will be a truly fascinating year!


PS: I am aware that writing a post about a new years resolution in March is a tad on the late……… At least you know this wasn’t a whim thought up at 11:59pm on December 31st.


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