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Chuck-a-Chick Egg Hunt

Daff chicks

I had fun recently making pyramid beanbag chicks from fabric scraps and sample stitch outs.

They will feature in our family egg hunt and then be used in games. I find adults enjoy egg hunts as much as children and help read clues with younger ones .

Stitch chick

For the hunt, chicks will be hidden around parts of my clued trail, each sitting on their clutch of eggs. The slackness of the beanbags allows small eggs to be covered completely.

Crumb chicks

Once all the eggs are found and shared out, the Chuck-a Chick games can start. I will use a plastic bowl as the goal ‘nest’, but it could be any safe container or even a stick or rope to throw beyond.

The idea is to ‘home’ the chick by throwing it into the bowl nest. Participants can move further back as they become more accurate with their throws.

Scrap chick

Young children may enjoy simple throw-and-catch activities. Beanbags are so good for small hands. I expect some to end up balanced on heads. My grandchildren always find this amusing. No doubt the family will invent other games for the beanbag chicks.

These chicks are not a new idea. In the past I made them in various sizes as ornaments, pincushions and doorstops but I hadn’t tried a beanbag version.


Each of my chicks used a couple of squares. These were randomly pieced from scraps, some from really small ‘crumbs’. I backed each with some soft iron on interfacing to add strength. Once assembled humbug-style, I filled with small plastic pellets, using about 120g for 13cm/5inch squares. Plastic pellets were chosen because they are washable and light.

The seam with the opening was finished with a triple zigzag stich for added security.

triple 2

I like to use a 97D foot for piecing on my Bernina 780. This is the dual feed quarter inch foot. When teamed with the straight stitch plate it is easy to produce evenly fed and accurate seams.


It was satisfying to create from scraps. I knew I’d been saving them for something!

pink chicks

Free sewing tutorial: Beanbag Chicks

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  • Hilary Gooding

    There is nothing children love better than grown-ups being silly. Love the idea of ‘silly walks’! I think we can all do those. I guarantee the children will remember this and demand they come out again next Easter!

  • roscro

    Thank you Hilary and Jan. The favourite (and most hilarious) game turned out to be a version of Follow My Leader, balancing beanbags on heads while copying silly walks. Each circuit ended by heading the chick into a bowl/ nest. It had to be repeated on Easter Monday!

  • Jan Allston

    Such a good idea for using up small scraps too. Am dying to try it out with the grandchildren!

  • Hilary Gooding

    Wonderful, Ros. A whole family of chicks – and a game to play as a bonus!


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