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An accessory fruit as an interlude

Before we start our class on the stitch designer of the Bernina 880, I would like to go back to the year 2012. At the time, I had designed a small embroidery motif  with the Bernina V6 software for the German Bernina blog, available as a free download. The motif consisted of a so-called accessory fruit.

The article is in German, but you can still download the motif here:

You find it under the caption „Pia Osterei“ (at the end of the article)

What is an accessory fruit? A strawberry, for instance, is one. The small green seeds that sometimes cling to your teeth are the actual fruit. The red flesh is “only” the fruiting body.



In my case, the leading character is the small oval, which is, as you know, my favorite motif…the rest is just the “fruiting body” ☺

Lately, I redesigned the embroidery motif once more and turned it into a circle, a small mandala.


Its size is 133 x 151 mm and it has three colors. I would recommend using a variegated thread for the leaf. That would make it especially beautiful and interesting.

Here you find the download: Accessory Fruit

Create something beautiful and have fun!

Pia Welsch

Translated by Gabriele Schultz-Herzberger

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  • Pia Welsch

    Liebe Anna,
    vielen Dank! Ich hatte ja seit 2012 pausiert und habe hier im englischen Blog wieder angefangen zu schreiben, wir werden sehen, wo es hinführt:-)

  • Anna

    Hallo Pia,
    warum kann man Sie nicht mehr im deutschen Blog lesen?
    Ich habe Ihre Beiträge immer sehr gern gelesen.
    Herzliche Grüsse

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