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Skulls for ladies in the very best age ;-)

It’s always a different thing with age. And fashion. And with daughters. And with a special taste. Anyway!

Some weeks ago I gave my daughter a cussion made of corkfabric, embroidered with my BERNINA 880. I enjoyed embroidering two funny Mexican Skulls on this handsome new material. I like to insert the link to the German BERNINA Blog, just to have a look at the photos:

Well. Cross your heart. It happens to you, that you look at something and think – I really like it! I need it! I will have sleepless nights without it ;-). That’s what happend to me, I saw these skulls the first time. Ok, I slept anyway….

Last week I received another cork delivery and found a pretty new colour in it: I ordered some new dark brown and it turned out brilliant. That’s it!  I will have another bag. And I will put some nice embroidered skulls on it.


No sooner said than done. The bag itself should be quite simple. The large format embroideries had first priority.  I used the pattern of my standard shopping bag – please find the making of in the following link:

The BERNINA 880 was a brave one and worked throughout the weekend. Patient and perfect. Without noise and difficulties.

Well, here we are again, talking about the age of mid-fourty. Not so old yet, but not the teeny one ;-). Therefore I chose nice yarns, matching with the new dark brown. I was curious how the same embroidery pattern would turn out with these different colours.


I just popped into my working room from time to time, to change the yarns.











The bag bottom was switched inbetween the outsides and stitched down with pressure foot # 53.



It already turned into a bag….


This bag variation is so easy and quick to sew. As the corkmaterial is quite solid, I did not need to use any batting. Just some stabilizer found into the bag. I ironed Decovil light I from Freudenberg on the outsides, and a cut of Decovil I for addional stabilizing for the bottom of the bag.


The bags top edge will be closed now. Please make sure that the bag handles do not move during sewing.


Finally the bag is turned rightside out and the upper edge is given a final sewing with 3 mm stitcheds.  That’s it!



Both enjoy a quick sunbath, until the photosession is finished ;-).





New for – well not old – but very nice aged women 🙂

Amused greetings,

Jutta Hellbach

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