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Invitation to participate in “People” BERNINA International Communityproject 2015

„People“ BERNINA International Communityproject 2015

I am glad to invite to the BERNINA International Communityproject 2015, today.

But what am I talking about? Thats the theme:


In our everyday life we often find diverse notices, that are characterized by so-called pictograms. Mostly women or men are pointed out. I have been thinking now and then, how to transform these very simple and unassuming figures. Therefore I have bought licenses for two pictograms that will be used in this content. And they will be implemented as follows:

We like to invite 25 people to take part in this project. And 25 single artworks will be made, that will build in total an “artistic community”. The following countries will take part: BERNINA Australia, BERNINA Great Britain, BERNINA India, BERNINA New Zealand and BERNINA South Africa. Each country offers 5 places. Great Britain and India are already booked out.


The artwork is to be created using the provided woman/man pictogram on a piece of high quality wool felt (22cm x 28cm). Each country will work with one special colour wool felt and each participant will receive from his/her BERNINA distributor 1 material package. This package includes: 1 piece of wool felt, 1 photocopy of pictogram, either man or woman (not to choose) and thread.

I am very glad, that MADEIRA will sponsor this project very generously with sewing threads. Each participant will also receive 4 different colours of MADEIRA thread.

The design and artistic process is entirely free and up to the participants. All textile design techniques  are allowed. Felting, printing, quilting, embroidery, appliqué and many more. Just one look into material boxes will inspire, I am sure. It might also be interesting to work in “tradition” of the very country, the participant lives.

The only condition: the pictogram MUST be visible somewhere on the wool felt.

The finished work will be mounted by me on a wooden base, that forms a colored mount.

Below you find two quite different variations of the task:

Nr. 1 pictogram + colored Vliesofix + layout sketch with free motionquilting


Nr. 2 pictogram shape frequently quiltet on wool felt,  1 pictogram made of silkroots, silk wool, feathers and metal wire.



Organizational information:

The pre-cut wool felt will have a marked border, not to be worked on. There will be an additional smaller piece of wool felt in the same color for practice purposes.

One of these two pictograms is included in each material pack.


All participants may feel free to draw from their own source of material, just suit your mood. Here are just a few examples:

deco fabrics, silk yarns

silk fabrics and silk yarns


material for textile surface design

colored Vliesofix

this pictogram was made of colored Vliesofix and freemotion quilting

As already mentioned: all technics are appreciated. There is no rule. Feel free in your work and creative spirit!


Available for free to work with:

1 piece of pre-cut wool felt + experimental piece, 4 different MADEIRA threads, 1 original image pictogram

The participant shall provide:

All creative materials that are necessary to implement their own idea. Since it is a small work, the cost of material is low.

Work request:

1 supplied pictogram will be applied per participant to a piece of wool felt. The choice of materials and techniques, as well as implementation are open.

IMPORTANT: the supplied pictogram has to be worked into the art piece at least once in the original size and be recognizable.

Artistic claim:

This community project is planned for exhibitions and requires adequate artistic results.


Official start: 15th September 2015
(each participant will have received the material pack from their BERNINA representative)

Official end: 30th October 2015
(each finished artwork must be sent back to the BERNINA representative, postage payable by the participant)

We kindly invite all interested creative people from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia to apply to their BERNINA representative – please address to the following link of your country:

We are happy that BERNINA Great Britain and BERNINA India participate too and all their 5 places are already booked out.

Looking forward to all participants, keep my fingers crossed for this project and look forward to a good, fair, creative and enriching collaboration for all members.

For some first inspiration please have a look onto the “People 2014” BERNINA Blog project, that I completed with Germany and the Netherlands:

10 artworks of the project “People 2014” will join this new one and both together, 35 artworks, including 7 countries, are going to be a worldwide traveling exhibition “BERNINA International Community Project People 2014/2015”. What a great chance to contribute!

Of course this project could not take place without sponsors. Thank you, BERNINA International AG/Switzerland who will finance all material costs and all additional costs that occur to get this finished project into exhibitions and thank you, Mr. Michele Birmelin,  MADEIRA, Freiburg (GER) to provide the participants with threads.

Please feel free to leave a comment under this blogpost, if you have futher questions. Later on, when the project starts, there will be an extra blog as a current communication platform.


Jutta Hellbach

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