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It is Monday…

…and I’m sorting photos. Right now I jumped into my Oval Quilt gallery. Here are some examples (click on the pic for a larger view):

Fruchtdrops  W78 x L 122 cm         P1020971  


1. “Fruitdrops” – 78×122 cm  2. before quilting 3. First choice…

Hochspannung W 75 x L 112 cm      P1020752    P1020773

1. “High Voltage” – 75×112 cm  2. Composition starts  3. Making off…

Letters  W 92 x L 112 cm    P1030091   P1030095

1. “Letters” – 92x112cm    2. starting a quilt  3. Detail

Alien W 75 x L 105 cm    P1030192   P1020871

1. Alien – 75×105 cm  2. Detail  3. Detail

Silhouette W 75 x L 113 cm   P1030076   P1030560

1. “Silhouette” – 75x113cm  2. before quilting  3. quilted detail

Violetta  W 77 x L 111 cm   P1030569   P1020832

1. “Violetta”  – 77x111cm  2. Detail  3. behind the scene…

Hope you enjoyed the walk through my picture gallery!

Wish you a nice and creative week…



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