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My personal Log Cabin

My good friend and translator Gabi is on vacation in Norway and wrote me yesterday that she won’t come back because it’s so nice there…Okay, therefore I will write this article by myself and apologize in advance for any mistake I will do for sure.Let us see, if it’s possible to follow the steps with only a few words.


First of all choose only 1 color in three or more values from light to dark. Add the complementary color, which lies 180 degrees apart from your first choosen color. In my case it is orange which is complementary to blue. This contrast vibrates a lot.


Cut the stripes without a ruler, the width should be variable. Sew them together with a single complementary stripe from time to time.

wie ein Quadrat schief geschnitten wird     die 4 fertig geschnittenen Quadrate

Now you need the center for your Log Cabin Block. Choose a color which matches and please cut the fabric square crooked (to all math fans, I know this is wrong! A square can’t be crooked, but I’m sure you understand what I mean).

Streifenstoff erneut in Streifen geschnitten

Then you cut the striped fabric crosswise in several widths.

annähen des nächsten Streifens  trimmen den angenähten 2.Streifens  3. Streifen wird angelegt
Start now to sew the cut stripes around the center…

die 4 fertigen Blöcke

It’s up to you to have a nice idea for a nice project with nice colors…

ein neuer Rand um den fertigen Block

…one more step…


May be it is worth to sew blocks through the whole color wheel and arrange them to a really nice quilt.

Have fun!




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