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Decorative stitches, the Stich Designer and a whole lot of fun (Part 4)

Normally you can make the decorative stitches of your sewing machine longer, thicker, thinner or even shorter. With the Stitch Designer you can make changes that go far beyond this, you can even combine them with motives you designed yourself.


Just pick a stitch on your machine – the stitches in the 400 range are quite suitable – and change over to the Stich Designer. The stitch goes with you automatically.

In my case, it had to be No. 407, the oval. You know this is the favorite form in my quilts.


Select the „moving points“ button and make sure that the „a single point“ button below has been activated.


Now you can click to single points in the pattern and shift then. To do this, use both turning knobs. Keep playing and trying.


I accentuated the sequence that I worked on by using the triple stitch (button with yellow rim).


In the next step you move the motive upwards and attach something you designed yourself.


As we are familiar with spirals, we use them now as an addition. On the left you can see how your pattern looks like now.


And this is how it looks after it has been stitched.


Here another idea, Stitch No. 426 . With my „addition“


Stitched out it looks like this!

And as it is so much fun, here another variety – No. 406:


Remember that you are able to shift the selected points vertically and horizontally. By doing this, you can create lots of new forms.



Here you have the original stitch and my personal variation.

I have told you before that the best thing to do is practice. You will become more and more competent and discover a whole range of possibilities.



Our series is still not finished. Believe me Christmas is near! Next time we shall make small 9mm angels and much more bigger ones…


Over the coming weekend I will have an exhibition with my framed embroideries. Next week I like to show you some pictures. Here is a teaser for you:

Sticken 20151

Please practice and have fun!



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