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As I mentioned some days ago, I had an exhibition with my framed embroideries at the “Nadel+Faden” fair here in Germany.


One nice thing is, that I don’t need much space! 12 running meters are really enough…and it is alwyas the same – first thing we did was to put down the works and to have a big coffee…


And indeed we were done after half an hour! I don’t wanted the hanging very straight, so it looks a bit like a mess, but my idea was the so called”Salon Hang” or “Petersburg Hanging”. I would say it is a ordered chaos…but I like it!


All my embroderies are done with the V6/V7 software and stitched with the Bernina 830.

Sometimes I use a sketch, sometimes I design my motifs directly on the screen.


This one was a sketch first: it is a nine patch


May be you can imagine what I’ve done with it…


This one was designed directly on the screen. I love it to have such a wide range of possibilities!


Next step was adding free machine quilting …this one is inspired from van Gogh, I love his paintings.


And now ? There are a lot of new ideas in my brain. We will see where I’m going!

I’m invited for several exhibitions with my embroideries and I feel my self challanged to develop my work.

May be it is interesting for you to have a view over my shoulders for the next months. I will show you some steps what I’m doing and why.

But, next post is about the Stitchdesigner and the angels…

Have fun!

Yours Pia




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