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International Pictogram Project- Red and Green

The BERNINA Australia office has been awash with red and green this week as Kerrie Hay, our National Product Educator, and Bree Ledingham, our Sales and Training Consultant for NSW, got creative with the BERNINA International pictogram challenge.

When Kerrie saw the vibrate red of her felt, roses were the first thing that sprang to mind. Nature can offer the most stunning inspiration, but with our busy lives we so rarely take the time to truly appreciate it. Kerrie has used felt flowers, organza ribbon, decorative stitches and free motion stitching to remind us all to:



Bree got excited when she saw that there were “No Rules” for this challenge. But that got her thinking:

“Can you break the rules if you don’t know them in the first place?”

This piece is a tribute to all the teachers out there focused on the technical side of sewing. Although Bree may of cursed their ridged ways when she was a student, and scowled at every 1/3 miniature sample they made her sew, without that knowledge you would never know what rules could be broken. Or if not broken, at least stretched to the limit.


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  • Jan Allston

    Such contrasting ideas and wonderful quiltlets from Bree and Kerrie. Yes, we should take time to smell the roses – an excellent reminder of how we rush around today and I loved the wisdom in the “rules” – I shall have more excuses now to try to break rules, even if they don’t exist!

  • Hilary Gooding

    Yes, in this crazy world we shouldn’t forget to take time to smell the roses and see the beauty that is out there.
    But I just loved the breaking rules piece. That made me smile and reminded me that I have come a long way from when I didn’t have the courage to break the rules and now I always encourage others to push boundaries!
    Rules? What rules?!

  • Jutta Hellbach

    Yeah, no rules, but only roses, for both of you, well deserved! Great works!

  • roscro

    So interesting to see the different approaches and the way colour determines design. Well done Kerrie and Bree!

  • Shruti Dandekar

    Both these quilts are just so wonderful!!! I absolutely love them!!! Cheers from India!

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