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“NURTURE” – International Pictogram Project

Hello everybody,

Kalindi Hambir from India just sent me a photo of her gordious artwork for our pictogramproject and her thoughts about the “making off”. As she is not yet used to write posts on the Bernina blog, she asked me for help.

So please have a look at her fantastic work and her description:


When I received my package from Bernina, I was absolutely smitten by the green felt and Madera threads that were inside it. They brought back to me the greenery from nature. I have always been a fan of nature. I even have a lovely garden around my home.
Mother nature is beautiful in all its forms. Even the dried leaves that litter the roads in the fall have their own beauty!
“Trees and Humans are in an intimate relationship. What they exhale, we inhale.
What we exhale, they inhale. This is a constant relationship that nobody can afford to break or live without.”
“We are if trees are.”
The different shades of leaves represent the natures abundance and life source that it is for every living being.
But unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the boon that nature is. Urbanization today is taking its toll on nature. Trees are being cut down without a second thought. It hurts my heart to see how man is loosing his foresight when it comes to cutting down trees. In their hearts, everyone appreciates the fresh new leaves of the spring. Through my quilt, I would like people to take that appreciation from their heart and plant new trees! Let us make this world a beautiful place again, one plant at a time.
I wanted to take all of this into my quilt design. The leaves – both dried and green – make up my design. The partially green leaves, in the form of a human figure, depicts that human should plant trees. The brown is depicts that if we do not plant trees & preserve the nature then trees will deplete. The little pink leaves near the man’s heart symbolize the basic appreciation of the human being for nature. It is always there in our hearts, it is only the matter of bringing it out!
I started out by painting the image onto a fabric using Jacquard Textile Paints. I had ordered them about an year back and was waiting for a suitable project to use them on. I love their effect on fabric. I also love Free Motion Quilting. I used FMQ with my Bernina BSR to quilt the veins on the leaves and also do the design in the background.
I used a thin layer of fusible batting between the fabric and the felt that I received to add texture to the design.

Thank you, dear Kalindi!




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