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Of Blind Dates and Coin Quilts

I had been thinking of starting a Chennai based Sewing Club of sorts for a long, long time but the thought would somehow stay on the backburner. Maybe the idea’s time had come for 2 weeks back, on my Facebook page, I announced a ‘Blind Date’ at my studio for sewists, where I promised everybody a fun time sprinkled with some learning, some socializing and a Pot Luck for lunch. The response was overwhelming with 18 people signing up almost immediately.

Yesterday was the big day, and here are some pics of what we did. It was lovely watching people make new friends, share pics of their projects, inspire and be inspired. I had promised to share a surprise technique and I kept my word though it was hard to concentrate with all that lovely food waiting.  I shall share the surprisingly easy and quick technique here too in my next blogpost.


The trusty Berninas waiting for their blind dates to start pouring in.

The trusty Berninas waiting for their blind dates to start pouring in.

The prepping begins.

The prepping begins after a round of introductions.

Sewing in preogress.

Sewing in progress.


It was exciting to see the quilt grow as individual blocks were added to the design wall.

That's us with the blocks we did in the background.

That’s us with the blocks we did in the background.

And here's a better look everybody's blocks placed together.

And here’s a better look everybody’s blocks placed together.

It was fun for people to let go and just have fun putting the blocks together in a totally carefree, improv manner. We even had an eager beaver who went home and almost immediately turned her blocks into a finished project ! Wow !

Nikhat's lovely quilted pillow.

Nikhat’s lovely quilted pillow.

I have been assured that everybody had a good time. I most certainly did ! Nothing to beat a blind date with a Bernina !

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