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Putting the Bernina invisible zipper foot to the test

I love how zips finish a garment and fitting a zip isn’t as tricky as it look. Most methods are surprisingly simple, but I am yet to master the invisible zip. I’m nearly there. You can see what I mean in this dress I made last year. It’s just a sliver, but a sliver is not invisible, I’m after perfection.

invisible zip

Time to put my new Bernina invisible zipper foot (no. 35) to the test. 
invisible zip 2
Ok, so it’s right sides together and the edge of my zip tape lines up with the edge of my fabric.

Some people like to hold the zip in position by sticking it down with double sided tape or by tacking it in first (which I believe is the proper/traditional method), but with the fabric I’m using I can get away with pins.invisible zip 1I’m opening out the zip teeth so that they fit into the groove in the foot. Some people like to press the teeth open so that they lie flat. I worry that I would melt the teeth if I used that method, so I hold it open whilst sewing, it’s not difficult.

invisible zip 4So, that’s one side done, so far so good.invisible zip 3Now I shall repeat for the other side. 
Louisa dress_invisible zip close upOh my! Look at that. Invisible perfection. I am so proud. My very first perfect invisible zip. Time for that happy dance.Louisa by Needle and Ted_back viewMy daughter is going to love her new dress.Louisa by Needle and Ted_front viewThe pattern I used was the Louisa dress from Compagnie M.

_0001_Louisa dres_fox fabric2And the fabric was carefully cut from some upholstery fabric I bought from Ikea.Lousia dress_front viewLousia dress_back viewDid I already mention how proud I am of that zip? Oh yeah!!!


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