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Pictogram Project 2015 – The Green Man

I was very excited to receive my pictogram pack and my mind started to race. I had a lovely piece of vibrant green felt and a male pictogram.

What images come to mind! The Jolly Green Giant, the Incredible Hulk, Peter Pan, the Green Cross Code man, the green man festival, the green man roundabout (I drive round it daily!)

I settled on the green man as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring. This stems from a pagan nature spirit depicting the relationship between man and nature.

I found lots of interesting images on-line portraying the green man many carved in wood or stone and decided to use this one as the inspiration for my design.

green man


I love the Bernina V7 software and got to work creating my embroidery design.

The first stage was to scan the male pictogram so I could use the brilliant applique tool to create the base design to embroider on.

The next stage was to digitise the green man. I chose to use the open and closed free hand digitising tool to draw the oak leaf shapes and used the ripple effect to fill them.

green man overview

I think this has helped to bring the oak leaves to life and given them some movement. Stitching out a design you have created on screen is always the most exciting part of the process and using the Bernina 880 with the wonderful Jumbo hoop was great fun.

green man step 2

I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this interesting project and it’s been great seeing the wonderful work people have produced.

final green man 1

Hannah Blackbourne

Bernina UK

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