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International Pictogram Project: Women of the World Unite


Women of the World Unite

I was delighted with my colours and that I had a female pictogram.  As I love creating with the embroidery software I looked to how I could use the pictogram.  A bit of research lead me to the female icon and from then on it was fun.  One thing I forgot was that we had to include a full size pictogram so I’m afraid she had to be inserted behind the icon.


My package

Some sampling and trial runs to make sure it would work.



I have a 780 which would have meant I had to re-hoop and I was terrified that I wouldn’t get it perfect, so I begged my friend Carol who has an 830 if we could stitch the design out on her machine – I owe you big time, Carol!  I used a layer of Sulky Sticky + on the back of the hoop and two layers of tear away stabilizer, laid the felt down on the top and secured it with a line of basting.  Then we started…  The first layer is made up of female pictograms in various poses – dancing, celebrating, happy, going places.

First stage

First stage

The second layer is made up of the full size pictogram which I decided to add with an appliquéd sheer fabric.

Stage two

Stage two

The final layer is the female icon made up of a rainbow of female pictograms.

Selecting the colours

Selecting the colours

So far, so good

So far, so good



Almost there

Almost there








I have really enjoyed participating and am loving seeing what everyone else is doing.  Thank you for the invitation to join in.

Hilary in Dorset, UK

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  • Jan Allston

    Amazing Hilary – like everything you do! The circle of colours, the clean look of the piece are fantastic. All united in a common theme too. Fantastic!

  • Alison Steyn Grant-Fletcher

    Wow, inspiration! Lovely to see your and Trienie’s ideas.

  • marilynpretorius

    Visually wonderful and a great concept. Well done, it really is very eye catching. Looks like the Rainbow Nation!

  • roscro

    Great piece & really strong visual design, Hilary. Love all those active women doing their own thing in the background! Indeed, the layering elements make this compelling viewing -drawing me in to linger.

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