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Advent calendar 2015 – the 24th door

Dear Readers,

On behalf of the BERNINA team and our BERNINA blog authors I wish you Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time with your family and friends!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty. Thank you for your interest, for your likes on facebook, for your pins on pinterest, your shares and tweets and thank you very much for all your comments and posts on our community section. We are happy that you are among our readers and that we are able to exchange information and to share our experiences. We are also happy that you are fond of all the great sewing ideas and adventures our blog authors are taking you on.

We wish you a Happy New Year and we hope to see you again soon!

Win a trolley-system for your sewing machine and embroidery module

Publishing this article we come to the end of our Advent calendar. Because the topic of this Advent calendar was “nicely wrapped” we have a gift for you. Now you have the chance to win one of our brand new trolley-systems tailor made for your sewing machine.

How to participiate?

It’s quite easy! You just have to write a comment in the comment section below this article. Tell us why you want to win, which model of sewing machine you own, if you are owner of an embroidery module and where you are from.

Until January 3rd, 2016 you can insert your comment. The draw will take place on January 4th, 2016. Afterwards we will send you the gift, i.e. it will be a belated Christmas present …

The new BERNINA trolley-system

With these bags your BERNINA sewing machine will become mobile! The trolley and embroidery module bag are designed to be solid and lightweight. The advanced padding system and the high-quality outer material provide a thorough protection for your sewing machine and embroidery module. In the many interior and exterior pockets the accessories can be quickly stored and accessed.

Available is a XL-trolley-system for BERNINA 7 and 8 Series’ sewing machines and embroidery modules and a L-trolley-system for nearly all other BERNINA sewing machines and embroidery modules. For all of you who want to know the exact compatibility:

  • The XL-trolley-system is available for all machines which are listed in the accessory-catalogue  (page 2) as F2, F3, F4, G1, H.
  • The L-trolley-system is available for all machines which are listed as A, B, C, D, D1, E, E1, F, F1, G (please note: due to a lack of space the category A is not listed completely. Furthermore, the special editions aren’t listed as well).

In total there are four products:

This is how they look:

20150218_Bernina-143XL Trolley Bag_PerspectiveXL Trolley Bag Combo With Strap_Perspective (2)XL Embroidery Bag_Top ViewXL Embroidery Bag_Perspective (3)

… and that’s the L-trolley-system:

20150218_Bernina-67Large Trolley Bag_PerspectiveBERNINA_L Trolley Combo front20150218_Bernina-135
Due to the large openings, the machine can be easily loaded in the trolley from the side or the front. Furthermore, the robust wheels, the side and the telescopic handles ensure safe handling and transport.

In the US one BERNINA dealer made the ultimate test: How strong are the BERNINA trolleys? 🙂

Whereever you want to travel, our BERNINA bags are the prefect companions.

We look forward to your comments and to the draw in the new year!

Warm regards,



PS: We assume that the trolley-system is also compatible with machines of other brands. Please be aware that we can’t promise that other sewing machines will fit in our bags. Of course, all of you without a BERNINA machine are also welcome to take part.

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  • Dianne Kingston

    I am the lucky owner of an 880 machine purchased this year and am still learning about all the fabulous features. It includes the embroidery module. I would love to win the trolleys as it would be much easier to move the sewing machine around and I currently don’t have a cover for the embroidery module and am concerned about it getting dusty. I live in Ottawa.

  • Gill Thomas

    Oh my goodness, how clever to create a means of transporting our precious Berninas safely! I must say, I have not even tried to move my 880 from its home in my studio but I would feel confident to take it (and the embroidery module) to a workshop in such a sturdy, well built system. Useful when it needs to go for service, too!

    • Jan Allston

      Congratulations Gill. Who’s a lucky bunny then! Enjoy your prize.

      • Gill Thomas

        Lucky bunny indeed, Jan! I seldom enter such competitions but had been wondering how on earth I was going to get my 880 to Frank Nutt’s to have it serviced! Now, I think it’ll be more comfy than I will be en route 😉

  • viviana52

    Wow! Wonderfull trolley system! I own a 580 with embroidery module and with this set I could travel with both. Well done Bernina.

  • Brenda Lea Genzel

    I first would like to thank you for everything over the years. I do not own a Bernina sewing machine but will be looking for a new machine come spring. Going to be checking them out at the Spring sewing & craft fairs. The machine at this time is a Janome 10001. It stays at home not able to carry it around because of knee problems. Thank you again, wish all a Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year…

  • Jan Allston

    An excellent idea from Bernina. I have a 630 and an 830 both with embroidery modules. I would be able to use the trolley system to take my larger machine around to demonstrate to people and show them how brilliant the machines are for all sorts of sewing! Well done Bernina!

  • Linda Phillips

    We have long awaited a trolley system for the new Berninas – well done they look robust but easy to use.

  • Sandy Foster

    It’s a beautiful set and a great way to transport both machine and module! I own a 780 with module and a 630 without module.

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