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Easy instructions for sewing a felt basket (with free embroidery template)

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions sewing a felt basket (with free embroidery template).

Easy instructions for sewing a felt basket (with free embroidery template)

I would like to show you how quick and easy it is to make a little felt basket.

Of course, if I am posting a wrapping idea, it has to include an embroidery file, so I have provided this little sprig of holly that I made.



You can download the embroidery file in many different formats here:

Holly freebie

We will need the embroidery file in a minute, but first cut a piece of felt to size. I have used wool felt 2 mm thick. Please also use felt of the same or a similar quality and on no account use floppy crafting felt.

The sheet of felt should measure 31×31 cm and should be square. You could cut it a few centimetres bigger or smaller.


Using chalk and a ruler, now draw a line on all four sides, 8 cm from the edge. This 8 cm will be the height of the basket.


This is what it should now look like


Draw a cross in the centre of one of the boxes that was created – this is the position of the embroidery file that is about to be embroidered.


As the felt is too thick to be clamped into the embroidery hoop, we stick it on. Clamp a piece of adhesive backing into the hoop and make a small tear in the backing paper with a pin, enabling you to remove it carefully.


Stick the felt sheet onto it so that the marked cross is exactly in the centre of the hoop.


Now embroider the sprig of holly from the embroidery file that you downloaded previously. Of course, you could also embroider something else or appliqué a design by hand. Whatever you decide, the decorating should be done now, as once the basket has been sewn together, it is too late.


It doesn’t take long to embroider the embroidery design and then it’s ready.


Take the felt and adhesive backing out of the frame and remove as much of the backing as possible from the back.


Then cut off the four corners. Set the four pieces aside carefully as you will need them again in a few days 😉 .


The next step is optional so if you don’t have a wave rotary cutter, you can leave this step out.


I want the top edge of my basket to be wavy, so I cut a wavy edge using a ruler and the wave rotary cutter, always making sure it is the same distance from the centre line.


It is a good idea to use fabric clips for the next step


Fold the two adjoining corners upwards and clip them together with 2-3 clips as shown


now sew a straight seam to the bottom of the basket, 2 mm from the edge, using a jeans needle and matching coloured sewing thread. Secure the start and end well with a few backstitches.

IMG_1147Do this at all four corners.

And that’s about it. In order to prevent the back of the embroidery being visible on the inside of the basket, you can stick on a piece of the black wool felt using fabric adhesive.

All you have to do now is fill your basket and give it to someone. Or you could hold onto it yourself and use it for keeping all sorts of odds and ends, such as fabric remnants, buttons or ribbons. We creative people always have plenty of things we want to store in attractive containers.

Have fun making the basket, enjoy the rest of your Advent and best wishes,


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