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Embroidered gift tags (with free template)

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions for sewing beautiful embroidered gift tags (with free template).

Embroidered gift tags (with free template)

You have opened the 16th window, and hidden behind it is a gift tag made of felt.

I showed you how to make a matching gift basket behind window 9. To finish this off, today you can now make a matching gift tag.

Of course, my advent calendar idea again comes with an embroidery file, of rather, the entire tag is embroidered.



The download link for the file in various machine formats is available here:

Freebie gift tag

Let’s get started:

First, clamp a firm backing fleece into the hoop. Preferably one for cutting. Tearable backing is less suitable as it becomes very perforated when embroidered and does not always hold together until the end.

Embroider a circle with the first embroidery thread colour. This serves as a placement guide for the subsequent application of the felt sheet.


Do you remember the 9th December? I advised you to put aside four felt squares which were left over after cutting out the basket.

You can now use them.Good wool felt is too expensive to throw away.

Now place one of the squares on the circle you just embroidered. The embroidered outline should be overlapped by at least 0.5-1 cm on all four sides. IMG_1136

I have assigned different colours to the first three steps in the embroidery file. However, this only means that your embroidery machine stops to allow you to place your felt, put on any fabric, etc.

Of course you can embroider all three steps in the same colour.

IMG_1137…then the holly, which you are already familiar with from the gift basket.IMG_1138You can now remove the hoop from the embroidery machine, but leave the fleece backing and embroidered felt sheet clamped in the hoop. Turn the hoop over and place it on the table in front of you. IMG_1139

Now comes the big moment for the second square remnant of felt from the 9th December. Place it precisely on the back of circle and hold it in place with adhesive tape.

Then turn the hoop over again and mount it carefully into the embroidery machine. IMG_1140

Now embroider the penultimate colour, which is a border in straight stitch, just outside the satin edging.

For this, it is best to use a colour that matches the felt so the seam remains almost invisible.

Finally, an eyelet is embroidered.

Now you can take everything out of the hoop.

IMG_1141 Cut out the circle allowing about 2-3 mm extra around the satin edging and punch a hole through the eye. IMG_1143 Thread a tie through.

IMG_1155 Make some sugared almonds (yum, tasty) and if you manage not to eat them all yourself, put the rest into a small bag and tie the bag up with the gift tag.IMG_1157You can then put it into the little felt basket from 9th December, add a couple of tangerines or something else and give it to someone as a gift.IMG_1158

Have fun making the gift tag and enjoy the rest of your build up to Christmas.

Best wishes,


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