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How to make a beautiful paper gift wrap

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions on how to make a beautiful paper gift wrap.

How to make a beautiful paper gift wrap

Isn’t it the case that everyone has their little obsessions? I will confess to one of mine today:
I love beautiful paper, whether it is in the form of magazines, notebooks or writing pads. I buy all of these beautifully bound and printed things and then I almost never use them! They lie about looking decorative on shelves, in drawers or on the bedside table. It’s bad. Believe me, this is only a small part of it…

Schöne Papiere

I’m the same when it comes to wrapping paper. Just the other day in Hamburg, I bought this paper with a triangle motif. Soooo lovely. It reminds me of patchwork quilts, which are really popular at the moment. So now what? Should I really use it to wrap a present? An object that will only be in this beautifully printed garment for a short time, before being torn to pieces and carelessly thrown away? No. That’s definitely not acceptable. A total waste in my eyes. A real no-no!

How fortunate then that I have another “obsession”: I set aside things that I no longer need for the actual intended purpose, in order to use them later in a different way. In other words, upcycling. Unfortunately, at home I often get the odd shake of the head or sarcastic comment as a result. No problem, I can handle that.

Well, given that you need a lot of wrapping paper at Christmas time, sometimes for very large presents, I thought back to the pattern sheet that I used to dress up my floor lamp a couple of years ago.
Own up – how many of you don’t have at least two or three old sewing magazines at home? So here’s how you can combine your gift-wrapping with a bit of mucking out.

The present itself is quickly packed, and naturally the paper can also be used to fashion a nice bag, which is then sewn at the top with the sewing machine.
I made it quite classic, spiced up the admittedly rather anaemic pattern paper with a neon-coloured ribbon and then applied a bit of “fanfare” as decoration.


Geschenk in Schnittmuster-Papier

Then I folded a strip, closed it to form a circle and sewed a button on top.

Papier-Rosette falten

Papier-Dekoration Geschenk

Schnittmusterpapier recyceln

Geschenk in Schnittbogen

Of course, you could always use a couple of fabric remnants to tie it up, or create a bow from a tape measure, or cover a button with fabric,….
Now it’s much too nice to unwrap!

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