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How to make a stitched paper gift wrap

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions on how to make a stitched paper gift wrap – perfect for Christmas and other festive occasions!

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I love sewing on paper and I think it gives paper an artistic quality.

I’ve also enjoyed working with it in the past. See this Link for a Christmas card design.

Here’s an idea that’s really quick to make.

  1. First, draw various motifs onto wrapping paper. They should be slightly larger to ensure the gifts fit inside. For the Christmas stocking, I have used pre-printed wrapping paper. This is now available in chemist shops and well-stocked stationery stores.

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  1. Then add another layer of paper and cut them both out at the same time. This will make them fit together better.

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  1. To make it easier to sew, start sewing the star together without the gift inside.

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  1. When sewing paper, I like to use a straight or zigzag stitch with a stitch length of 3.

Coloured threads look attractive. I have used a classic Christmas red. For the needle, I use a universal needle with a thickness of 80.

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  1. The paper can sometimes move around during sewing. In this case, simply even it out again with a good pair of scissors.

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  1. Now put the present inside.

xmasbernina2015 020


  1. Then sew up the remaining edges.

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  1. Do the same for the other motifs. And it’s finished!

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