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How to make superhero gift tags

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions on how to make superhero gift tags.


My little one loves wrapped gifts! He says that’s what makes ‘gifts’ different from ‘stuff mom brings’. So the first person that comes to my mind when wrapping any gift is my wonderful 8 year old son!

Here’s a quick how-to to add some character to those gift tags!

You will need :


  1. Some novelty print fabric
  2. Felt
  3. Double sided fusible (optional)
  4. Ribbon or fabric scrap strip
  5. Thread

You can make these super fast, believe me!

Step 1 : Apply the fusible to the WRONG side of the novelty fabric. Peel away the paper. Fussy cut your novelty fabric with the motif you want.

Step 2 : Cut your felt to a size a little more than your fabric. Extend on one side about 1/2″ to make the hole.

Step 3 : Fuse your fussy cut fabric onto the felt.


Step 4 : Go to the sewing machine. Set it on straight stitch. Back stitch a couple of stitches. Now set it on zig-zag (Length 0.75 – Width 3.75 is what I chose). Stitch around the novelty fabric, pivoting at corners. When you come to the starting point, set the machine at straight stitch and back stitch in place.


Step 5 : Punch a hole in the 1/2″ side of the tag. This is the point where you can also cut it into shape. Add the ribbon or a scrap fabric strip and you’re good to go!!!


You can even use some ‘grown up’ fabric to make ‘grown up’ tags. These would also work for my husband and/or my brother!

Do post pictures of the tags when you make them! I would love to see them!



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    Very clever idea Shruti. I’ll have to try it with some of my grandson’s presents.

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