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Sewing a money gift bag

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions on sewing a money gift bag perfect for Christmas or birthday gifts!

weihnachtsanhänger1 liebedinge

At Christmas, much of the focus is on presents. And this also includes having appropriate wrappings for them.

Particularly when giving gifts of money, I am always slightly at as loss as to how I can wrap them attractively.

So I came up with this pretty key-chain bag designed to look like a Christmas bauble. They are very quick to sew and can even be run up at the last minute.

And above all, they are an original way to wrap gifts of money or other small presents.


weihnachtsanhänger2 liebedinge

To make it, you will need:

A couple of pretty fabric remnants, batting, 1 zipper (minimum length 12 cm) and a fob clamp.

anleitung 1a liebedinge

Once you have cut out and ironed all the pieces as shown in the picture, lay the batting onto the fabric pieces.


anleitung 2 liebedinge

Now fold the two square pieces of fabric down the middle and sew them onto the zipper.

anleitung 3 liebedinge

Turn over the piece you have just sewn and put it on top of the other folded piece.

anleitung 4 liebedinge

Now draw a circle with a diameter of approximately 11 cm and sew round it with a straight stitch.

anleitung 5 liebedinge

Cut around the circle, leaving a seam allowance about one presser foot wide. You can now neaten the edges using a zigzag stitch. Or if you want to make it really nice and neat, you can bind it with bias tape. This takes no time with the binder attachment!

anleitung 6 liebedinge

Your Christmas key-chain is almost finished.

anleitung 7 liebedinge

All that’s left is to turn it the right way and attach the fob clamp…

anleitung 8 liebedinge

… and you have the perfect wrapping for your gift of money!

weihnachtsanhänger4 liebedinge

weihnachtsanhänger3 liebedinge

These attractive baubles make giving a real pleasure!

I wish you all a wonderful Advent!



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  • Jan Allston

    Thanks Liebedinge. Those are really cute. Brilliant idea for my two granddaughters who will be getting money for Christmas. They might even like to know how to make them as well!

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