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Sewing a pyramid gift box (with free pattern)

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions for sewing a pyramid gift box (with free pattern).

Nicely wrapped and ready to find love!

Nicely wrapped and ready to find love!

Pyramid Gift Box

A pretty container for those precious gifts which you will give to your loved ones this Christmas.  This design makes a 4” tall box with a base of 5”.  You can enlarge the design or shrink it to your taste.


Requirements for the pictured box:

Stabiliser – Tearaway or water soluble to fit the Jumbo Hoop on your Bernina Embroidery machine  (14” x  20”)

Outer and inner fabrics to fit outside the placement lines above and below the hoop.  I used 14” x 20” for the outside of the box and placed it in my hoop with the stabiliser.  If you just want to use the fabric without hooping it you could use a piece 10” x 9” for each of the outer and inner fabrics.

Embroidery threads in 2 or 3 different colours.  I used Isacord 40.

14” of 1/8” wide satin ribbon to draw the three sides together, or cord of your choice for a loop.

Design for decorating the sides of the box can be downloaded at:-

If you would like a template to make the box without the embroidery, please print this page:-

Pyramid Box templates

The 2” square is not part of the project but it will help you to work out if you have printed out the page at the right size.




Use the No. 26 foot, the Jumbo hoop and the straight stitch needle plate if using a Bernina computerised embroidery machine.  Hoop up the stabiliser and stitch the first placement/holding line.

Fig 2

Place the outer fabric on to the stabiliser, right side upwards, wrong side to the stabiliser.

Fig 1

(You could use a larger piece of fabric as I have done and place it in the hoop together with the stabiliser for extra stability.)

Check that the fabric is securely in place by spray basting or pinning.   Stitch the second placement line if you have used a smaller piece of fabric than the hoop, ensuring that the pins (if you used them) do not get in the way of the needle as it stitches.  (You do not need this if your fabric is secured in the hoop.  You can skip this step.


Stitch out the design (lettering, leaves and berries), changing thread colours as necessary.

Fig 6

Add the inner fabric to the bottom of the hoop by spray basting or pinning, ensuring it covers the stitching lines totally.  The wrong side of the fabric should be against the stabiliser and the right side of the fabric should be face down on the bed of the machine.  If you use pins, make sure they will not get in the way of the needle stitching down the holding lines.



Stitch the next holding line making sure that the fabric below the hoop is not caught up in any way and you only have a single thickness of fabric under the hoop in any one place.  I used a ruler to slide under the bottom fabric to make sure it was not caught up anywhere underneath.


Fig 5

Stitch the eyelet borders and the lines for the folds at the base of the box. (inside of box shown here)

With the project still in the hoop, cut away the excess fabrics from the outer and the inner sides of the box and stitch the final satin outline border.Fig 7

I pinned my excess fabric on top away from the stitching lines so they did not get snagged up in the border.

Fig 9

Remove from the hoop and tear away the excess stabiliser.

Fig 11

Carefully remove the fabrics and stabiliser from the centres of the eyelets to leave the holes through which to thread the ribbon.

Fold the sides of the box up to meet at the top, with the designs on the outside.  Insert your gift.  Thread the 1/8” wide ribbon through the eyelets and tie in a bow.Fig 12

Hand to the lucky person or use the loops of the bow to hang your box on the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Fig 14

Fig 15

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