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Sewing beautiful embroidered fabric gift wraps

Dear community,
in this blog post you can find detailed instructions sewing beautiful embroidered fabric gift wraps.

Sewing beautiful embroidered fabric gift wraps

Valuable gifts also need fine packaging. Silk is very fine, of course, and is a very nice material with which to wrap valuable gifts.

I would like to show you here how simply and stylishly such a package can be made. And it is guaranteed that nobody will throw this packaging away!

I am a big fan of DesignWorks and it is therefore a must for me to incorporate these elements into my packaging. There are some wonderful DesignWorks Christmas motifs in the BERNINA Deck The Halls # 21018 collection. The complete overview is available here.

I chose the 21018-02 (_CR, _CWA und_DW) and the 21018-03 (_CR, _CWA und_DW) motifs. These two motifs consist of CutWork, CrystalWork and PaintWork, and fantastic embroidery elements.

  • Gift packaging bag – instructions

The following is required to make two bags:

  • 2 x 35×56 cm silk
  • 2 pieces of felt 2 mm thick
  • 2 x gift ribbon 80 cm long
  • Madeira Lamé (458)
  • Embroidery thread (Isacord 0532, 0761, 5324, 5411 and 5531)
  • Rhinestones SS6 and SS16 (Crystal and Peridot)
  • Edding 4600 textile pen (11)
  • Vilene (180)
  • Self-adhesive embroidery backing
  • Bobbin thread
  • Sewing thread suitable for silk
  • Greaseproof paper
  • CrystalWork punching film
  • Ironing transfer film

Other tools and accessories, such as:

  • DesignWorks-compatible BERNINA
  • CrystalWork tool
  • CutWork tool
  • PaintWork tool
  • Oval embroidery hoop
  • Reverse pattern foot 1/1C/1D
  • Buttonhole foot with slide 3A
  • Edgestitch foot # 10/10C/10D
  • Cording foot # 22
  • Rotary cutter
  • Rotary cutter mat
  • Cutting ruler
  • Scissors
  • Trick marker
  • Temporary spray adhesive


Iron the silk with the Vilene This provides greater stability and makes the material easier to work with. Fit the hoop with embroidery backing. Prepare the machine for embroidery and call up the CutWork files (21018-02_CWA and 21018-03_CWA).  Move the files around among themselves, do not rotate them! Embroider the stitching line, spray the embroidery backing with some temporary adhesive spray and then glue the bits of felt onto the embroidery backing. Embroider the stitching line again, so that the felt is firmly fixed. Apply the CutWork tool and cut the shapes pursuant to the machine specifications

The instruction video shows this in detail:

The finished parts look like this

Draw a line on the silk with the Trick marker pen, 15 cm from the right-hand side and the top edge. This is the placement line. Fix the self-adhesive embroidery backing in the hoop and remove the backing paper. Using the template, place the silk exactly in the centre of the self-adhesive embroidery backing and press it firmly into place. Call up the 21018-2_CWA motif. Apply the PaintWork tool and insert a pen. Paint the first part of the motif.

There is also an instruction video for this:

Then refit the machine for embroidering.  First embroider the placement line

Spray the felt part with the temporary adhesive spray and glue to the placement line.

Continue with the embroidery of the motif and then remove it from the hoop. Pull out the embroidery backing. Follow the same procedure for the 21018-3_CWA motif.

The two CrystalWork files are then worked on. Fit the hoop with parchment paper and attach the template material. First use the punch for size SS6 rhinestones and then the stamp for size SS16.

The instruction video shows exactly how to do this:

Iron on the rhinestone motifs.CrystalWork

Refit the machine for sewing, thread the sewing thread and insert the # 1/1C/1D presser foot. In order to ensure that the bag gets a nice clean seam from the inside, a French seam is sewn. Set the needle position to the far left, lay the fabric wrong sides together and sew together the lower and lateral edges with a presser foot width.

Turn the bag over, set the needle position to the centre and sew the closed edges again

Mark the centre in the upper open area. For the buttonholes make a mark 2 cm to the right and left of the centre and 10 cm from the upper edge. Stick a remaining piece of the self-adhesive embroidery backing to the left-hand side of the area. This makes the buttonholes better. Thread the embroidery needle, set the buttonholes to 5.5 mm wide, set the maximum length and work on the buttonholes. Then cut open

Thread the thread in the machine again. Turn down the top edge 1 cm and iron. Then turn 5 cm and sew using the # 10/10C/10D edgestitch foot with the needle position three places to the right

Equip the machine with embroidery thread. Mount the # 22 cording foot. Call the honeycomb stitch and insert the lamé thread into the presser foot. Place the gift ribbon under the presser foot. First sew a few stitches without the feeder – this automatically interlocks the stitch – then turn on the feeder again and sew the lamé thread. Turn off the feeder again at the end, thereby ensuring interlocking.

Thread the gift ribbon in the bag. Put the presents in the bag and tie up.
And it’s finished!

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas with your loved ones and best wishes for the New Year.

Warm regards,


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