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Stitch #85 on the Bernina 350

Bernina 350 stitches

I hadn’t really paid much attention to the additional stitches on my Bernina 350. I tend to just use the straight stitch and the zig zag stitch. But after attending the ‘Learn how to use your new Bernina’ course, I feel more comfortable about using the other stitches my Bernina has to offer.

rainbow pocket

Stitch #85 is a satin stitch and I used it to embroider a rainbow design on the back pocket of a 1970’s style jumpsuit I recently made for my daughter. There was a lot of thread changing but it didn’t take long and my daughter was delighted. All kids love rainbows don’t they?

satin stitch setting

To achieve this, I set the stitch width to 4 but left the length on default.


I have a weakness for vintage sewing patterns. Yes, the seventies is now considered vintage and no longer retro. So I decided to make a 70’s inspired denim jumpsuit. Not wanting it to look out of place in the 21st century, I made some adjustments to the pattern.


playsuit 4

I slimmed down the leg (a lot) I didn’t want my daughter tripping over the HUGE flares. Lengthened the leg so that my daughter wouldn’t grow out of them too quickly.

vintage jumpsuit_back

I added two back pockets (with rainbow embroidery). This sealed the deal for my daughter.

playsuit close up

I changed the gathers under the yoke to pleats because the denim was too thick.

denim playsuit cuff detail

And I added a cuff and an opening, because I preferred it to the ordinary hemmed cuff in the pattern – any opportunity to hammer on some buttons. I love sewing denim all that top stitching and hammering gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

Notice the cute red buttonhole. The other cuff has a yellow buttonhole. Whilst I’ve got my coloured threads out I may as well put them to more good use.


playsuit 1

Well, we’re off now to boogie on down at the roller disco, have a lovely Christmas everyone.

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