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How to Sew a Trendy Fringe T-Shirt Skirt by Jessica Abbott

A tutorial share from BERNINA USA’s WeAllSew blog.

by Jessica Abbott

Looking for a cute project for the tween in your life? How about turning a T-shirt into a fringe skirt! This project is the best of both worlds, it is easy to sew and totally on trend. Your kid will love wearing this handmade skirt, and you will love how easy it is to sew. Did we mention that it is an upcycle project too? #winning. Let us show you how to make this fringe T-Shirt skirt by Jess Abbott of the Sewing Rabbit.

Materials & Tools:


  • 1 casual fitting T-Shirt (not tight, not too loose)
  • 2″ wide elastic
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Fabric Scissors / Rotary Cutter
  • Pins
  • Your Sewing Machine (I sewed this project on a BERNINA 350 PE)
  • Standard Presser Foot (BERNINA reverse pattern foot #1)





Cut the neckline off of your T-Shirt.



Measure how long you want the skirt to be, and cut the bottom band of your T-Shirt off that length. (You only need to add ½″ for seam allowance, as the hem is already in place).



Matching Edges and Seams

Slip the upper cut off T-Shirt portion over the bottom, matching up the raw cut edge and side seams. Both should be right side out. Pin around the upper edge, and baste stitch to secure ¼″ away from the edge.


Cut elastic

Cut a piece of elastic the same circumference as your waist. Pin the edges together and sew using a ½″ seam allowance.



Press elastic seam open, and sew a box stitch around to secure.



Slip elastic over the skirt waist and pin evenly in four opposite corners (front, back, sides).


Chose your stitch

Choose a stretch friendly stitch setting on your machine.


Add elastic to the waist

Sew the elastic onto the waist of the skirt, using a ½″ seam allowance, stretching the elastic to match the width of the skirt as you sew. If desired, finish the seam with a serger.



Using a nice, sharp pair of fabric scissors, carefully cut ½″ slits up the outer layer of the T-Shirt skirt for ‘fringe’.

And you are finished!







Free sewing instructions: How to Sew a Trendy Fringe T-Shirt Skirt

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