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Let’s end fabric hoarding

OK fabric hoarders, let’s make 2016 the year we use up some of that fabric we’ve had stashed away for years. I bet you have fabric that you absolutely love but are scared to use because you might ruin it. You are not alone, I’m the same. But no more, this year I am going to be fearless. I am going to use the fabric I have, the fabric that I love, the fabric I bought just because it was cheap, the fabric that I’m not sure if the colour suits me. Whatever the fabric, I’m sure there’s the perfect pattern out there for it.

So, are you with me?

Scandinavian Nordic Style Mono Pattern Panel 2Scandinavian Nordic Style Mono Pattern Panel Fabric

Just look at this fabric, looking so lovely, all folded beautifully, clean, crisp and pristine.

But not for long, because, here goes…

Admittedly I have had this fabric for a while, but I have the perfect pattern in mind, the Petal Fold Separates by Madeit Pattterns.


With the panels in the top I can see the potential of using a fabric which comprises of four bands of contrasting geometric prints. For the culottes a solid colour with the geometric fabric for the pockets.

So what do you think?Madeit Patterns petal fold top2

I used yellow flat piping between each panel to compliment the black and white.
Madeit Patterns petal fold top1

Then carried the yellow through to the back with a single yellow snap amongst three black ones.

petal fold culottes_Needle and Tred

For the culottes I used solid black linen mix (I think) with yellow piping to trim the pockets. For the pocket bag I used a different geometric print for each, achieving a cool, quirky effect (I hope).
Madeit Patterns petal fold top_inside outMadeit Patterns petal fold culottes_inside out

Even pretty from the inside, don’t you think?

Madeit Patterns Petal Fold separates_4

And if you have a kooky little 4 year old like I do, don’t be surprised if she would rather wear her top back to front.
Madeit Patterns Petal Fold separates_3So, fabric hoarders, time to cut that fabric, go on, you can do it.

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  • Lauren Michelin

    A very excellent idea for using up stashed away material.    This has shown us what wonderful imagine some of us sewers have.    I will sort out my stash now – thanks

  • SunGold

    You have a wonderful eye for fabric placement! The touch of yellow was just right.

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