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The not so New Year’s Resolution

I always thought it was a health thing to set New Year’s resolutions. Setting a goal for the year and striving towards gives you a great sense of purpose and there is nothing like that sense of accomplishment when you achieve it………Well I assume it feels good, I’ve never actually stuck to a New Year’s resolution longer than a month and that’s being generous!

I think it’s the pressure. You always feel obliged to make grand, dramatic statements that speak of sweeping change and revolution in your life but as the fireworks fade and life gets back to normal, we realise that the chances of actually following through are slim to none. These days I make my resolutions mid-late January. I start thinking at New Year’s and slowly make my decision having carefully thought through the practicalities.

This year I spent the Christmas break at home rather than going away to family. I had a relaxing 3 weeks at home where I could recharge my batteries and get ready for the New Year. Spending that much time at home made me realise something:


How did I end up living in a beige box? Everything I make is bright, vibrant and (I hope) full of personality but they’re never things for my home.

Upon reflection there is one major reason for this….I rent, always have (and thanks to Sydney’s crazy property market, probably always will). I think I have always used the fact that I couldn’t change the wall colour or that I might have to leave as an excuse to never decorate. Well I’m pretty much settled now (touch wood) so it’s about time my home reflected my personality and this brings me finally to my 2016 resolution.


Now I’m trying to be practical about this. It’s not going to be like a Reno show where whole rooms get revealed every week. I figure 2-3 months is a good timeline for each room. I will set myself a budget for each room and (try to) stick to it. Wherever possible, I will make things myself or upcycle existing items. So with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, laundry, open concept kitchen/dining/living and a balcony, I figure that should keep me busy for the year.

First cab off the ranks, the second bedroom or perhaps more accurately my Sewing Room/Office/Spare Room.

As you can see, the bed’s a bit pathetic and storage is an issue to say the least.

IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2120

Stay tuned to see the transformation and remember to visit for updates.

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