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A bunny dress

Hello there,

my name is Bernadette Burnett and some of you out there may already know me from the german BERNINA blog. 🙂
I’m a passionate sewer and fabric designer. Most of the time I sew for my two girls, aged 5 and 2 1/2 years, or my little sister (aged 20 ;). You can find more sewn and designed stuff on my blog at

Please excuse my real basic English, I try hard to get into it again. I spent a year in the bay area of San Francisco during my school time, but it’s been a while now. Thanks to BERNINA for giving me the chance to blog on the “english side” of Bernina! 🙂

A few days ago I sew a basic children’s dress for my bunny loving little one. Sewing for her is kind of a challenge, there is a 20/80 chance if she loves or hates it. 😉 With this dress I made a good one, she loves it (even though it is not pink, oh wonder!).

It may be the golden bunny I printed with flex foil on the front side of the dress.

This dress is my real favorite of all basic dresses from knits for children, and not just because the pattern designer is a precious sewing-friend on mine. 🙂
It can be sewn with an different types of necklines, yokes or even ruffles. This dress is a simple one-piece-thing, but the bunny print makes it look interesting and cute.

At the end of my blogposts you’ll find all the information about my used fabric, patterns and materials.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading my new blogposts and photos here!

Yours  Bernadette



Fabric: Lillestoff
Pattern: “Kinderkleid” (children’s dress) from Klimperklein
Print: Kluntjebunt, available soon

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