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Mesh Table top

With each season I like to change the decoration of my home, an easy and creative way of giving a fresh new look to a room, is with a small table runner.

Mesh table top

We are going to create a fun and easy table top using ribbons and decorative threads. We only need about 6 to 8 different ribbons of about 100cm in length, they should be different in widths and colors; 40cm x 100cm of batting, and the same amount of a backing fabric.

We are going to cut various sizes of strips of fabric, in this occasion I cut with a zigzag cutter blade to give it a  fun look.




I use shades of blue fabrics mixed with different  purple, red and yellow ribbons for color contrast.


First  put the batting and the backing together like in a quilt.

We are going to put the ribbons on top of the batting in a distribution that would be pleasant to us.  I  use  ¼” masking tape to hold the ribbons in place so  I can stitch using  the dual feed of my Bernina and hold all the ribbons in place.



Choose the strips of blue fabric and intertwine them between the ribbons.  Just weave the strips leaving  excess fabric on either end.




When I finish we adjust all the strips, then stitch on the sides being careful not to displace the strips of fabrics.


We can then quilt in between the ribbons with  decorative metallic thread.

Trim the excess fabric from the edges and square up the table runner, now you are ready for binding.

I cut strips from the same fabric to make the binding.

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